SDN Series

Supertec's SDN Series holds one of the highest standard of solutions. Stepping up the game to a whole new level This machine can complete all three OD ID & End face grinding in one chucking for HEAVY or NON-CIRCULAR work pieces. The SDN Series is made for Heavier work pieces, it can EASILY be loaded to the machine by the overhead hoist. Fully enclosed covers and oil mist reclaiming guarantees to keep the factory and the machine nice and clean. Options : 1. single/double-spindle with or without tool changer. Fanuc controller plus 10" screen man-machine touch panel. Simple conversational operating system all programmed and allows machinist to machine workpiece with instinct.


GrindMaster SERIES

PMG Series

SUG series use the wheel head (Automatic B-axis) with 2 OD wheels and 1 ID wheel, for performing complex grinding operations, such as OD / Taper / ID grinding operations, under one setup to reduce cycle time, operation costs, and get better accuracy performances.